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    22-05-2018 Robin Hood, Rainow

  • Report by :- Max R on 2018-05-25 17:32:52
  • Detail :-

    After a couple of years away I came back up and ran in Andy H's trail from the Robin Hood at Rainow, just to the East of Macclesfield.
    The lymm bus was mostly away so we trundled along fairly early and just before we reached Macclesfield we overtook a bike and were then stopped by a traffic light. A knock on the window revealed the cyclist to be Sid, on his way to the hash. How he recognised us I dont know , as we had only had the motor for a week.

    This was the first trail of the new hash year
    Off we went and got ourselves a parking spot and had a pre-hash natter.
    The usual set of instructions went out and on hearing that it was a 5 miler (admittedly in a very hilly area) I decided to go out with the main pack.

    The evening was fabulous, nary a cloud, calm, about 20C and off went, dropping down towards Rainow to start with before tracking up via the reservoir/ UU water facility for some great checks and views. There were a lot of sheep about on the hills and it was surprising that a few ewes had triplet lambs with them.

    When we reached the top we had a photo opportunity - see the photo gallery on the site
    Across a valley bottom and then a climb back up brought us to a position where a tree had fallen across the footpath, so it was down to crawling for about 10 yards.

    Unfortunately for one of the Mikes , he raised his head at the wrong moment and a branch stub caught him on the scalp and we had to pause while he was mopped up. Fortunately the scalp tends to look a lot worse bloodwise than the damage caused and he soon stopped bleeding but he took a slightly shorter route back to the pub where the first aid kit came into play to clean him up.

    Apart from that it was an excellent trail and it was great to catch up with a lot of old friends.

    20-02-2018 Tigers Head, Pychleys Hollow

  • Report by :- David L on 2018-02-27 09:28:50
  • Detail :-

    CH3 Report – 20th February 2018 – Tiger’s Head, Norley

    This was the 24th time that Cheshire Hash House Harriers have run a hash from The Tiger’s Head, Norley (because I’m a sado, I noticed that I have been involved in setting thirteen of those). I live less than a couple of miles away so it is a convenient location for me; and I think of it as my home territory, although others are allowed to set Hashes from here! There are so many different possibilities from the pub it is one of a number of ideal Hashing pubs in Cheshire. Actually the Tiger’s Head is currently 9th in the list of pubs most hashed from, just behind The Plough at Whitegate (another one of my favourites).

    It was a cold (but not freezing) and dry evening – ideal conditions for a Hash. The recent incessant rain meant that it was quite muddy underfoot in a few places; but the route had been set to avoid the muddiest places. The trail was 5.9 miles and 522 feet of ascent and descent with 30 checks and three check-backs. As usual, ALL the markers were all set within 100 metres of the check although many were tucked away in the hedgerows.

    There were twenty three hashers, all human except for one dog. The walkers comprised of two humans, the Dissidents comprised of three humans and one dog; the remainder running on the main Hash. Our numbers have gone down in recent months for many different reasons and there is a need to get everyone out and to recruit some new hashers.

    Rob Baddeley and I were the Hares for this evening. We had set the markers on Saturday before the run. Unusually, I had not had a chance to check-out the route before we set it – so I was somewhat surprised to find a “water feature” along one of the footpaths. We decided to go ahead and incorporate it in the trail rather than change the route.

    We were a little late starting, as we waited for some late arrivals and some folk visiting the “facilities” in the pub. We turned tight right out of the entrance to the Tiger’s Head along Pytcheley’s Hollow lane all the way to the junction with High Street and Norley Lane. Shortly after running down Pytcheley’s Hollow I was surprised to see Colin and Martin B running back to the pub; Colin had forgotten his torch! I was concerned that they would become permanently detached from the group; but amazingly, we were able to hold the group at the junction for sufficient time until Colin & Martin were reunited with the pack.
    We turned right down Norley Lane towards Crowton; then we turned right at the junction with Town Farm Lane (on the left) towards Home Farm. At Home Farm we turned left (ignoring the two footpaths on the right) before heading right down a narrow muddy lane to Stanneybrook Farm. At Stanneybrook Farm we continued along that lane to the junction with Marsh Lane. At this point we headed straight on along Sandhole Lane, which becomes Pingards Lane, all the way to the junction with Bag Lane. Hashers will be relieved that we didn’t take the very, very muddy section of Pingards Lane on the left. At this point, most Hashers were convinced that we would be heading straight on and confidently moved that way; but we turned right up Bag Lane towards Norley before turning right down Dutton Lane to Beechwood Farm Day Nursery and a 4 way check at Woods Lane. Once again most of the Hashers misguidedly thought that we were headed towards Delamere Park and turned right along Wood Lane; but they had to turn back and run along the footpath through Beechwood Farm passing over a very muddy field to another footpath where we turned right passing Bratt’s Bank to reach Moss Lane. We took the option to the left along Moss Lane until we reached Cow Lane. At Cow Lane we turned right (ignoring the inviting footpath straight ahead!) and ran north to reach Bag Lane. At Bag Lane we turned left and carried straight on along School Lane and back to the pub - BUT we were not finished yet! At the Tigers Head we continued along School Lane and then took the left fork along Hough Lane to the junction with Finger Post Lane, High Street and Gallowsclough Lane. Here we turned right along the main road although most of the checkers seemed to prefer the Gallowsclough Lane option. Along the High Street, well before the Village Hall, we took a left turn along a footpath which goes behind a suspended Carillion building project to join up with an unnamed lane. It was along this footpath that we encountered “the lake” – the footpath and the area around it were completely flooded with about a foot deep of freezing cold and smelly water that could not be avoided (there was just no way around it). Our hashers are made of tough stuff and everyone just gritted their teeth and ran through it. Surprisingly, I didn’t receive any abuse or complaint – I was certainly expecting it. Unfortunately, Martin H wasn’t here and was unable to enjoy this special feature. At the unnamed lane we turned left and ran on until we turned right along a footpath which took us to Post Office Lane. At Post Office Lane we turned right, before turning left onto Crabmill Lane. At the end of Crabmill Lane we turned left onto School Lane until we reached the 5 way check at the junction with Post Office Lane. We turned left onto Post Office Lane and immediately right along a footpath which took us past Fieldhouse Farm and across some fields, ignoring an inviting way into Delamere Forest, to reach a footpath with a choice of two ways. Here we turned left along this footpath and then took the next footpath on the right and proceeded to reach Gallowsclough Lane. At Gallowsclough Lane we turned left, down the hill, across the main road, along Hough Lane and School Bank back to the Tigers Head.

    On the run we managed to “bump into” the small group of Dissidents a couple of times as they worked their way around a slightly different route in the opposite direction. We also “bumped into” the walkers a couple of times as they made their way around Norley. As both groups had been forewarned, the Dissidents and the Walkers managed to avoid the “water feature”.

    Everyone was back at the pub by 21:10 and as usual there were plenty of chips available and the beer was excellent. The Tiger’s Head always make us welcome and make the evening pleasant for us – once again, full marks to them. In fact all in all it was just another average Hash.

    The next Baddeley–Lever production will be from The Boot, Willington on 17th April 2018. In the meantime, there are lots of Hashes to look forward to. Next week Rob Stephenson will be in charge at The Frozen Mop, Warford – this will be his 100th setting!! Hopefully, he can make it as he has been injured recently.

    David Lever
    21st February 2018

    09-01-2018 Plough, Marton

  • Report by :- David L on 2018-01-10 15:16:35
  • Detail :-

    CH3 – Tuesday 9th January 2018 – The Plough, Whitegate
    This was the 25th time that we have run from The Plough at Whitegate which is currently in 8th position of those pubs we have most used to host hashes. The Plough is a popular pub / restaurant in a great location with an excellent reputation. We are always squeezed into the bar away from the restaurant; but the management and staff are always very welcoming, the beer is excellent and the chips first class. The pub encourages walkers and there are quite a few brilliant walks available from the pub.

    Rob Baddeley and I were the Hares for the night; with Rob leading the charge and me playing the sweeper role - to ensure that no one was lost and that we stayed together.
    Rob & I laid the markers on the Sunday before the run, and thankfully there was no significant rain for the days before Tuesday evening. We have had a lot of rain in recent weeks, but a few days of dry weather meant that the going may be described as “soft” rather than muddy.

    The trail was six miles with 30 checks and just over two hundred and fifty feet of ascent and descent (fairly flat!). There were 3 check-backs incorporated in the trail to try to ensure that the pack stayed together after the longer stretches. Last time we were here our markers caused some consternation in the Whitegate area as a number of the residents thought that these markers were indicators of properties that had been chosen to be burgled. As far as we are aware, there were no such concerns on this occasion.

    There were 41 Hashers, 38 humans and three dogs. The walkers comprised of four humans and one dog and the Dissidents comprised of five humans and two dogs; which meant that there were twenty nine folk on the main Hash. The main Hash welcomed a new Hasher – Ben Dodman, we hope to see him on a regular basis; and after a gap of 35 years James Verney joined the walkers (he had hashed 4 times in 1982).

    Fortunately, Roger Turner managed to come to the correct “Plough” this week. Last week he turned up at The Plough Whitegate, whilst we were Hashing from The Plough, Radway Green although he did manage to get there eventually.

    The route ………….
    We turned right out of the pub onto and along Beauty Bank; then we took the footpath on the right which joined onto Dalefords Lane. We turned right along Dalefords Lane and then immediately right along a footpath leading to Foxtwist Green. At this point we went straight ahead towards Cinderhill; here we turned left heading back towards Dalefords Lane, but before that junction we turned left which took us back onto Foxtwist Green. We followed Foxtwist Green passing the footpath on the right, where we had emerged a few minutes earlier, passing another footpath on the right and two on the left. Shortly before Foxtwist Farm, we turned right along the footpath through the woods. We went down to and alongside the mere and then across a field; before following Bogart Brook through some woods. As we left the woods we turned left towards Gale Green Farm. Just before the farm we turned right along a footpath which took us to The Whitegate Way. At the Whitegate Way we turned right and followed the track, eventually crossing over Dalefords Lane on a bridge; and then, after our 1st check-back, turned right down a footpath to Dalefords Lane. At Dalefords Lane we turned left and left again up Cassia Green Lane. We turned left off Cassia Green Lane and ran across the fields back to The Whitegate Way. We crossed Whitegate Way and ran to Marton Hole Pond where we took one of the four ways along a track before turning right and headed past Marton Villa and Marton Green to Clay Lane. As we passed the farm at Marton Villa the Farmer had kindly re-directed the Hash through his farmyard rather than forcing us to follow the footpath through a very, very muddy section – we were expecting much abuse at this point but in the event we passed through without complaint. At Clay Lane we went straight ahead onto Common Lane. Just after Common Lane turned to the left, we turned right and re-joined The Whitegate Way. We turned left onto The Whitegate Way (passing caravans to the left and caravans to the right) and just after The Paddocks housing development on the right and following our 2nd check-back, we turned right and ran alongside the mere to Overdale Lane. As we turned, I was delayed on the Whitegate Way as I waited for lights in the distance thinking that they were stragglers only to find that they were cyclists and not part of our group. However, I was able to get to the front of the pack before Overdale Lane as everyone ahead of me went the wrong way. We turned right onto Overdale Lane and kept straight ahead and then onto Nova Scotia Lane until we reached Clay Lane and our 3rd check-back. As time was marching on we decided not to bother with checking at Clay Lane; we went straight ahead as planned along Cassia Green Lane before turning left and back towards Dalefords Lane. At Dalefords Lane we went straight on onto Beauty Back and back to the pub.

    During the evening the Dissidents and the main Hash passed by a couple of times and the Dissidents overtook one group of walkers towards the end of their run.

    We arrived back at the pub at 21:15 – we had been held up somewhat at the many challenging stiles we encountered. Unfortunately these days, quite a number of our Hashers experience difficulty getting their legs over. Nevertheless, we weren’t back too late and it appears that it was just another fairly average trail.

    The next Baddeley–Lever production will be from another favourite venue The Tigers Head, Norley on 20th February. In the meantime, there are lots of Hashes to look forward to. Next week Matthew Hargreaves will be in charge at The Windmill, Tabley.

    There were quite a few gaps in the Run Setting Schedule for the coming weeks; but now these have all been filled by enthusiastic volunteers until the end of April 2018; apart from 10th April which remains open.

    David Lever
    10th January 2018